Car Body Kits

Written by Michael Federico
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Adding a new car body kit is usually one of the first things a driver will do when converting his traditional sport compact car into a full-fledged racing machine. The most obvious impact a body kit will have on a car is that it will reduce the vehicle's weight. This can improve acceleration, and increase speeds and even hp. Most of the best kits on the market are made of fiberglass, which helps with handling as well as velocity.

A body kit will alter the entire look of a vehicle. It can take a Honda Prelude that would look at home in a supermarket parking lot and turn it into a car that looks like it belongs on the NASCAR circuit. The change in appearance serves more than just cosmetic purposes, though. The body kit’s look is the perfect fusion of form and function. Each curve and each angle is put in place to enhance the performance of the car.

Finding Full Body Kits

Body kits for sport compact cars are easiest to find from sport compact specialists. These aftermarket parts dealers usually provide the best prices, and they make ordering and shipping extremely easy. There are similar distributors for larger sports cars and even for trucks.

It is possible to find body kits from some traditional auto parts dealers. However, selection is usually limited, and the low supply generally drives up prices. Some people get concerned about ordering parts they have not seen in person. However, the best distributors, even those that only function online, will have highly detailed photos and specs for every product they sell.

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