Car Headlights

Written by Michael Federico
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The majority of cars on the road today have standard headlights. There are two or three settings, consisting of at least traditional driving lights and high beams. Headlights have to meet certain criteria laid out by the government, or a car will not pass inspection. Most people do not think to have any maintenance performed on their headlights until one of them breaks. This does not often cause too many problems, because most head and tail lights are made to last for long periods of time.

Advances have been made in car headlights over the past few years. Mercedes Benz was one of the first companies to introduce smart lights that actually sense when the car is turning or cornering. The lights lead the car, illuminating anything that might be in the road just around the bend. There are also several headlights on the market that provide settings for fog, rain, and any other elements that make it more difficult for a driver to see.

Cosmetic Headlights

Many people are more concerned about a headlight’s appearance than its performance. As long as the lights allow them to see the road, they are fine. However, if lights detract from the overall look of the car, they have to go. There are a number of headlight designs that are made specifically for show cars. There are several styles that give the vehicle the look of a racecar.

Projector headlights are extremely popular among show and race aficionados. They have a unique appearance and they are incredibly easy to install. Projectors can be found in blue, black, or chrome. It is also possible for a person to have customized projector lights created for him.

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