Car Spoilers

Written by Michael Federico
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There was a time when spoilers only appeared on sports cars. However, so many people appreciate the altered look these aerodynamic additions give to a car, they can now be seen on sedans and even hatchbacks. While the majority of drivers on the road choose spoilers solely for their appearance, the accessories do actually serve a purpose.

When a professional or amateur racer takes a look at his car, he is generally trying to figure out any way that he can get more speed out of it. An extra mph can make a huge difference on the track. One of the ways to get a car to perform at an optimum level is to reduce the effect that wind and other outside elements have on it. A spoiler can do just that.

Car Spoiler Designs

For a spoiler to be effective, it must be lightweight. A driver doesn’t want an accessory to put extra poundage on a car that will ultimately negate any benefits it might have. There are a number of models on the market that weigh next to nothing, but are still strong enough to serve their purpose.

There is a debate among drivers as to where the spoiler should be placed. Some like it high off the back, while others like it to rest close to the body of the car. There are benefits to both, and ultimately it comes down to preference, because at the end of the day people still want their spoilers to look cool.

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