Carbon Fiber Hoods

Written by Michael Federico
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Most drivers never take into account the importance of a car hood. They simply think of it as the thing they have to "pop" when they need to take a look at the engine. They do not realize that the hood can affect the speed and performance of a car. Those who race, on the other hand, are all too aware of this fact. The right hood will help a driver increase speed and reduce the effects of wind on the car.

Carbon fiber hoods are by far the most popular in the racing game. They are lightweight and designed specifically for hard driving, so most of them are extremely durable. Their design gives a car a unique look. They also come ready to paint, so a driver can personalize them in any way he or she wants.

Carbon Fiber Hood Details

There are a number of different racing hoods on the market. However, there are details that are common to most of them. The majority of carbon fiber models come with rolled edges, and one-piece undersiding. Most are tightly woven, as well. Every design element suits both form and function--the hoods look great, but more importantly they help the car perform better.

In recent years, carbon fiber hoods have come with a UV coating. This protects them against the sun’s rays, and ultimately makes them even more durable. When used in combination with UV protected paint, the hood will last and look good for a long time--so long as there is no physical damage inflicted upon it, that is.

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