Cat Back Dual Exhaust

Written by Michael Federico
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The importance of a good exhaust system cannot be underestimated. There are countless drivers on the road who are damaging their cars and their own health by not maintaining their exhaust systems. If the exhaust system is compromised, the engine will not function properly. Also, carbon monoxide can seep into the car, causing all of the vehicle’s occupants to inhale levels of deadly fumes.

The exhaust system is made up of the exhaust pipe, the tail pipe, the muffler, and the catalytic converter. Each component has to meet certain manufacturer specifications, so when replacing any part of the system it is important to verify that the new parts are viable. This is especially important for drivers who are substituting specialty exhausts for factory models, because not all aftermarket dealers are concerned with road regulations.

How Is the Cat Back Dual Exhaust System Different?

Everyone is familiar with the harsh sound that most exhaust systems produce. Even cars with top-of-the-line mufflers and pipes usually create tones that are hard on the ear. That is because most exhaust system manufacturers do not take acoustics into consideration.

The Cat Back dual exhaust system is one of the most powerful and effective systems on the market. It also sounds unlike any other product out there. It is designed to emit a deep, rich tone. This sound is even improved when coupled with a set of Y pipes. The Cat Back system is perfect for the serious driver who is committed to helping his car run as well as it possibly can and making it distinct from the majority of kit cars on the streets.

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