Chevy 350 Crate Motor

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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When you buy a Chevy 350 crate motor, there's no dusting for loose parts or making return trips to the dealer. Your 350 comes fully sealed and ready to go. All you need to do is break it open, lower it down under your hood, and you're off. Of course, this takes some of the mystique out of the process.

But if you're building a hot-rod from scratch, you've probably got enough other factors to consider. Why spend the time (and the money) cobbling together your carburetor, your crankshaft, your rocker arms, and all the bolts you need to secure them? Unless you're a dyed-in-the-wool purist (and expert mechanic), it's much easier to buy a crate motor pre-built.

Power Up with a Chevy 350 Crate Motor

The typical Chevy 350 crate motor gives you more than enough oomph for daily driving. In fact, buying a 350 HO Deluxe might be more a source of frustration than pride if you live in a densely crowded area where you can't open it up. But if you live in an outlying area or hit the drag strip once in a while, there are few Chevy engines out there that can top it.

One alternative to the classic 350, however, is the Ram Jet 350, which features electronic fuel-injection. If you're seeking practicality more than anything, the Ram Jet is tough to beat. It handles cold starts and hot starts, offers great throttle response, and is one of the most driveable engines that GM has ever manufactured.

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