Clutch Kits

Written by Michael Federico
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There is a common problem among drivers who race their cars competitively. They spend thousands of dollars putting in a new engine and making it hum, and then they think they are done. This is especially true of people who are just getting into the game. What they don’t realize is that if other vehicle components are not upgraded to match the new engine, the car will not perform to its potential, and all that money will have been basically wasted.

A good clutch kit will effectively harness the power that is produced by the engine and shift it to the ground. It will increase a car’s ability to hold, and it will allow the vehicle to engage quickly. This will improve the car’s overall performance, and it will make things easier on the driver.

Types of Clutch Kits

The majority of the best clutch kits utilize ceramic and/or metallic discs. These kits have proven themselves time and time again in the world of professional racing. Some can increase the clamping load from 20 percent to 50 percent, and others can lengthen the clutch’s lifespan. There are some kits that accomplish both of those things, many of which can be found for between $300 and $400.

It is important to point out that many of the clutch kits are not recommended for street use. They are designed to support rally and drag racing vehicles that are driven on tracks. They were never really intended for use in cars that roam the city streets.

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