Cold Air Intake

Written by Michael Federico
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Two cars idle side-by-side. Each driver, a bit nervous, revs his engine just to let the other driver know he's ready. The light shifts, the flag drops, or the shirt gets thrown in the air, and both cars take off down the track. Both have incredible acceleration and both have high top speeds. As they start to reach the finish line and the RPM needles max out, one car pushes forward, while the other starts to lag. As the smoke settles and the winner is congratulated, the loser can only pound his steering wheel, wondering what went wrong. After all, he was the better driver.

Even the best driver in the best car cannot overcome an air intake system that isn't doing its job. A system needs to perform at its best when it is most needed. That means that as a car reaches high RPM levels, it needs to continue to charge the cylinders with air. A good system will help a car run solid for an entire race, in some cases it will even add extra horsepower.

Buying Cold Air Intake Systems

Not everyone can afford to outfit his car with a top-of-the-line cold air intake system. Those who can might want to look into picking up a dual chamber model like the AEM V2. It represents the latest in air induction technology, using multi-frequency sound waves to help do the charging.

There are quality systems for people who can't fork over all of their cash on one part. Brand X is famous for producing effective systems that can be found at affordable prices. They will increase a car's performance, and they are durable. Systems in all price ranges can be found through a number of aftermarket parts distributors, and many actually feature sizable discounts on all of their products.

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