Compressor Oil

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Compressor oils have come a long way, and improvements continue to be made. For example, Amsoil makes a compressor lubricant that extends the life of your compressor through reduced component wear, protection against corrosion, and resistance to water and lubricant breakdown. This synthetic lubricant lowers maintenance costs by extending drain intervals.

What a good industrial lubricant means to your bottom line is increased efficiency, lower energy consumption, and reduced operating temperatures. A superior compressor oil will offer anti-foam and anti-wear protection. It will minimize carbon build-up and friction and provide clean compressor performance.

Other Things To Look for in a Compressor Oil

A superior compressor oil should also offer excellent rust and oxidation prevention. This will help preserve the life of your compressor. Remember, your compressor, not the oil, is your chief investment.

In short, when buying oil for your compressor, don't skimp on these essential details. The quality of your industrial lubricants can make or break your machines! Go with the highest-quality product that will not only offer great performance, but also extend the life of your valuable machinery.

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