Dash Interior Paints

Written by Michael Federico
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The engine is revved up and ready to go. The body kit looks great, and it has the car running smoother and faster. The wheels and the rims are perfect, and the exterior paint job is truly original. There is very little left to do to make this vehicle the hottest car in the area code. New racing seats are on the way, so that’s taken care of, but the dash still needs something done to it.

When people paint their cars they usually only think in terms of the body. Sometimes they only want to add a design on one side or an emblem on the hood. However, the interior dash can be painted to look just as unique as the exterior of the car. In fact, an interior paint job is often what sets a car apart.

Interior Paint Jobs

There are paint kits that allow a person to do his own work on the dash. They come in a variety of colors, and usually include all of the necessary equipment. Many kits even come with photos of dash interior jobs for inspiration.

Painting a car is not for everyone. Painting the dash interior might not even be for those who did their own work on the exterior. Work on the inside of the car is extremely detailed and often incredibly painstaking. If something goes wrong, it can be difficult to fix, as seats, doors, and windows can be blemished.

While many kits on the market are of a high quality, a person can always benefit from discussing the job with a professional. Even if the driver doesn’t want to relinquish the paint, he can still pick up some helpful hints that will save him time, and ensure that the interior of his car looks as great as the exterior.

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