Diesel Fuel Additive

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Diesel fuel additive increases the engine's power by improving the combustion efficiency. A good diesel additive should make several noticeable improvements to the way your diesel engine runs. For one thing, it should improve the quality of ignition. It should also improve how your engine starts in low temperatures.

The key to a good additive is improvement in your engine's reliability. Is the cranking time reduced? Are emissions and smoke reduced? Is the machine operating more quietly and smoothly than before? These are all noticeable improvements that come from using good-quality diesel fuel additives.

Go With a Good-Quality Diesel Fuel Additive

How do you know whether you're getting a good-quality fuel additive, though? Well, you need to do a little research, of course. Know the major brands, the differences between them, and pick the most reputable brand that suits your machine's particular needs.

For example, Amsoil has a great reputation. Since 1972, when the company created its first synthetic motor oil, Amsoil has been one of the leaders of quality industrial lubricants. Its "Cetane Boost" diesel fuel additive raises the cetane level from three to seven numbers, which increases efficiency, smooth operation, and reliability.

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