Dynomax Exhaust

Written by Charles Peacock
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DynoMax is one of the many companies that expanded in the early 1990s to feed the increasing popularity of aftermarket exhaust systems. Unlike many of the other companies, however, DynoMax has been around for over 70 years. DynoMax produces some of the best performance exhaust systems, using some really unique materials and construction techniques.

What Sets DynoMax Apart?

Not only do add-on exhaust systems improve the performance and sound of your car--they can also actually improve its gas mileage. If you're looking to replace your exhaust system (out of necessity or by choice), DynoMax probably has something that will suit your needs. But what sets DynoMax products apart from the rest?

One of DynoMax's main claims to fame is their exclusive use of mandrel bending with their exhaust pipes. Because bends in exhaust pipes tend to slow down the exiting gases, DynoMax uses mandrel bending to ensure a constant pipe diameter, even in the middle of the bend. This means less drag and a better flow-through, which leads to better performance.

DynoMax also focuses on making their products conform to government-mandated emissions regulations. All of their street products boast conformity with emissions regulations in all 50 states, including California. This is not always the case with exhaust systems--if you live in California, you usually have to buy a different system with a different set of specs.

Another unique aspect of DynoMax's product line is their ceramic-coated headers. Most companies use stainless steel for their header coating. DynoMax, however, uses high luster ceramic coating on both the inside and outside of their headers. According to DynoMax, this coating lasts 14 times longer than stainless steel and 140 times longer than paint.

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