Fastburn 385

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The Fastburn 385 is an excellent base from which to build a custom car. Its forged steel construction provides a durable frame, and its connecting rods and crankshaft have proven effective up to 500 horsepower--well more than you probably need to make it to the grocery store. In manufacturing this model, GM based its shortblock design on one of its best-sellers, the ZZ4.

The entire ZZ series has remained popular with car hobbyists seeking an all-in-one crate engine. Sure, many do-it-yourselfers love hunting down rare custom parts to use in their own proprietary engine designs. But most fans would rather buy a fully self-contained unit that promises reliability and complete assembly, which is precisely what the Fastburn 385 offers.

More Info on the Fastburn 385

The 385 reliably takes you up to 385 horsepower at 5600 RPM while dishing up the same number of foot-pounds of torque, though at a much slower revolution rate. With a 9.6:1 compression ratio on your 385 you'll never want for power. At the same time, the engine's armored construction ensures that durability you expect from a GM crate motor.

The 385 won't necessarily give you the same charge as a Ram Jet 350 or an LS1, two comparably sized crate engines. But you also save hundreds of dollars by opting for the Fastburn over these alternatives. In the expensive world of auto maintenance and restoration, those are several hundred dollars that will come in handy--say, when you're looking for a new paint job, perhaps.

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