Fiberglass Body Kits

Written by Michael Federico
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Anyone who races cars is constantly looking for any edge he can find over the competition. This usually leads a person to put large sums of money into the vehicle. He will do everything he possibly can to make his car look and drive better than anyone else around him. In order to compete, capital will have to be spent, but there are ways to get a car into racing shape without breaking the bank.

Fiberglass body kits are one of the most popular additions to any racing vehicle. Bumpers, fenders, and side skirts made of fiberglass are extremely lightweight. Tricking a car out in fiberglass will increase its speed, acceleration, and cornering ability. Adding accessories to the kit such as spoilers will increase wind resistance and it will make the car look good.

Body Kits for Sports Compact Cars

The majority of race-ready cars today are sports compact cars. They handle well, they are fairly easy to maintain and alter, and perhaps most importantly, they are affordable. Honda, Acura, Mazda, and Nissan are some of the most popular makes in the racing world (and the regular world, as well), so there are a number of places to find fiberglass body kits for them.

Most stores that carry aftermarket auto parts will have accessories for sport compacts. However, they might not carry full body kits. A driver’s best bet is to work with a specialty distributor that focuses entirely on this type of racing vehicle.

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