Fiberglass Bumpers

Written by Michael Federico
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A man stands in his driveway. His Honda Civic no longer even looks like the car he once purchased. The breaks, shocks, and the air intake system are exposed, and the neon green paint job over the brand new racing body kit seems to sparkle in the sunlight. Speaking of neon, the under-body light kit is ready to glow purple tonight. The car is running fast and it is looking good. The man knows something is missing, though. It could be just a little faster and it could look just a little better. Than it hits him, the thing that has eluded him all this time. It's . . . the bumper?

People do not often realize how much of an impact the bumper can have on a car. Most bumpers on the market are extremely heavy, which can greatly decrease a car's ability to accelerate quickly and to reach top speeds. Also, bumpers are usually not taken into account during the design process. They are utilitarian, meant only to serve their purpose.

Buying Fiberglass Bumpers

One way to get rid of the drag that a bumper can cause on a car is to go with a fiberglass model. They are much lighter, and most were created to compliment the overall appearance of the car. There are a number of brands and styles available for most cars and trucks.

One can order a fiberglass bumper from almost any distributor that carries a wide range of after market parts. Most companies will have at least a few choices, so a person can find what works for him. Once he does, he can stare at his vehicle on the driveway in peace, knowing he has taken care of everything.

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