Gasoline Additive

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Gasoline additive is a fluid that you can purchase to improve the performance of your gasoline engine. This fluid is made from a combination of chemicals that are meant to be added to your gasoline supply. These chemicals are specially designed to clean out all the impurities in your fuel system.

What kinds of impurities can form within a fuel system? It is common for contaminants to eventually form deposits in any fuel system. It doesn't matter whether the system is fuel injected or carbureted; all fuel systems experience the same problems with deposit formations.

How a Gasoline Additive Helps Your Fuel System Performance

First of all, a gasoline additive reduces exhaust emissions. Good ones can lower emissions by up to 90 percent! By dissolving contaminants and deposits on your fuel system, it enables your engine to work more powerfully and efficiently. This boils down to an overall improved engine performance.

When you use a gasoline additive for the first time, you should see the improvement for yourself. After the first dose (six ounces of additive for every ten gallons of gas), your fuel injector will experience a flow increase of up to 95 percent. Your fuel injectors, carburetors, and intake valves will all be squeaky-clean, and ready to give you the optimum performance.

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