Gibson Exhaust

Written by Charles Peacock
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Gibson Performance is one of the country's better-known makers of performance exhaust systems. With humble beginnings in motorhome exhausts, Gibson has expanded their line to include performance systems for all types of cars and trucks. All the while, they have continued to produce and support products for motorhomes that provide more power and torque where and when you need it.

Gibson Performance Exhaust Systems

Gibson performance was founded in the late 1980s, when founder Ron Gibson and his wife were looking for a better exhaust system for their motorhome. Motorhomes are heavy pieces of machinery, and the couple was looking for ways to increase power and torque without having to modify or replace the engine. Exhaust systems seemed to be an obvious way to go, but finding someone who built performance exhaust systems for motorhomes proved difficult.

The Gibsons took matters into their own hands, hiring engineers and mechanics to design and build exhaust systems that would work great with their motorhome and others like it. Their idea worked, and pretty soon they were selling their products to other motorhome owners. In the early 1990s, a friend of the Gibsons wondered why it was so hard to find powerful but quiet exhaust systems for regular cars and trucks.

The Gibsons then decided it was time to expand their operations, and they soon entered the performance street and racing markets. Currently, Gibson produces performance exhaust systems for virtually every make and model of car and truck. From headers to mufflers to pipes, they have cost-effective but powerful products that can add a surprising amount of verve to your engine's output.

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