Gm Accessory

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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The right GM accessory can turn an able-bodied car into a dream ride. By going out and buying a classic car you've already done the hard work. Now finish your old hot-rod with a few extras that will help you customize your old Corvette or Chevy coupe.

Try a tempered glass top to let in more light than your original hard top. You may even want to add a blue- or bronze-tinted hardcoated top for extra flair. Or leave the roof panels alone and add a few flourishes down below such as exhaust tips or an underbody plate. For an added touch of intimidation--and let's face it, that's what classic car restoration is really about--why not add a set of triple-chrome-plated rims?

The Right GM Accessory for Your Driving Machine

There's no such thing as a magic GM accessory that will send your car into the annals of restoration fame. Some people prefer purely cosmetic accessories such as grille plates and letter sets to provide much-needed accents. Others prefer more performance-oriented accessories such as new MAT sensors or fuel-pressure regulators.

Whichever camp you're from, there are hundreds of accessories dealers who can get you going. Search for your GM performance parts online and give your crate engine the added love it deserves. Or just throw caution into the wind and paint those racing stripes right up the front of your hood. There's just no accounting for taste.

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