Greddy Exhaust

Written by Charles Peacock
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GReddy is one of the few automotive aftermarket parts manufacturers that actually makes more than just one type of product. Most manufacturers focus on what they're good at: exhaust systems, body kits, lights or shocks. GReddy actually offers all of these products, and a quick look at their product catalog reveals that they're at the cutting edge in each field.

Varieties of GReddy Performance Products

GReddy is probably best known for their performance exhaust systems, and for good reason. If you're looking for a GReddy exhaust for your car, you'll want to make sure you're driving either a Japanese or European model--GReddy doesn't produce exhaust systems for American cars. Their main customers are people who drive Hondas, Mitsubishis, Acuras, Subarus, Volkswagens, Audis and BMWs.

In addition to their exhaust products, GReddy offers intake, cooling and turbo products that can help you get your street ride closer to racecar-level performance. For those interested in really juicing up their rides, add-on turbos can add an amazing amount of power. Aftermarket intakes and cooling systems are also crucial if you're planning on doing any street racing.

For those interested as much in the look and functionality of their cars as they are in what's under the hood, GReddy has a wide range of body kits and electronic add-on components. They offer everything you'll need to truly customize your car, from spoilers to halogen lamps to add-on gauges. GReddy even offers suspension kits and high performance brakes.

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