Grounding Wire Kits

Written by Michael Federico
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Having the right grounding wires can greatly improve a car's electrical system by creating a direct link from the battery to the engine, the body, and the chassis. The best wires on the market will reduce impedance, which in turn will prevent power loss. This is important for any vehicle, but it is crucial for cars and trucks that are used in racing, as the power drain on the electrical system generally far exceeds that of a car that just runs to work and back every day.

There are different brands, types, and styles of grounding wire kits, but most race fans choose to go with a pure copper design. These models are fantastic conductors, so they provide a low resistance connection. Copper kits might be a bit more expensive than those constructed from other materials, but it is still possible to find them for around $60.

Benefits of Copper Grounding Wire Kits

Simply replacing the factory grounding wires with a copper kit will benefit a car in several different ways. The driver will instantly notice that he gets quicker throttle response and that the engine is more stable, especially when it reaches high speeds and RPMs. Exhaust will be cleaner, as well.

Copper and other kits can be found through a number of distributors. Most kits can function with a variety of cars. However, a driver who is going to take his car out onto the track is better off getting his kit through a specialist, so he can be certain that he is buying exactly what he needs before he tears off the starting line.

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