Honda Body Kits

Written by Michael Federico
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Honda produces some of the most effective sports compact cars on the market. The majority of people would probably be shocked to learn that Honda Civics and Preludes are the choice of many race enthusiasts on the circuits (both underground and "above") today. Hondas have the ability to run fast while maintaining their handling. This makes them perfect for taking turns and staying in contact with the road.

Most people who take to racing do not want to roll up in a Civic usually connected with suburban living and trips to the neighborhood pool. They want to do a bit of work both internally and externally to the car before they hit the road in it. This will usually involve the addition of several accessories, a few tweaks to the engine, shocks, and the installation of a new air intake system. However, the biggest physical change will usually come via a Honda body kit.

Types of Honda Body Kits

A person will have several different choices when looking for a Honda body kit. One of the most popular is the VIS Racing AVG series kit. This kit includes fiberglass bumpers and side skirts. The new body will be lightweight and far more aerodynamic than the factory model. It will increase the speed and overall maneuverability of the car. It can be used on either the Civic or the Prelude.

The VIS Racing Battle Z series is one of the most innovative body kits on the market for sports compact cars. Its design allows for the speed increase of other kits, but it also is built to last. The Z series kit is extremely durable, so it can withstand the physical pounding that accompanies most races.

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