Honda Radiators

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Honda radiators keep the heat inside your Accords, Civics, and other Honda models evenly distributed enough to save you from thermal breakdown. Honda has built its worldwide reputation for quality by using the most durable parts on its assembly line. In fact, as a Honda owner, you may never need to replace your original radiator over the five- to 10-year life of your car but merely have it flushed according to your regular maintenance schedule.

When choosing Honda radiators, it's important to understand that not all units are interchangeable among models. The radiator on your new Odyssey likely won't fit the engine block of your Prelude or Passport. While both fill the same essential role in your car's heating and cooling system, there are differences in chassis specs that make each part unique to its particular model.

The Honda Chassis

The chassis of your car is its bedrock from whence all else springs. This steel frame is responsible for supporting the weight of the engine, and does so through the use of springs. As you might expect, since Hondas (and all cars) come in varying lengths from model to model, the chassis beneath them all have different specs.

Why is this important? Remember that your radiator is fashioned to fit your engine, which may be four or six cylinders, of the EX, LX, or DX model, and of varying capacities. Thus, the engine specs on your Honda largely determine which radiators are compatible with it, which is critical information to have as you stroll the aisles of your local auto parts store.

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