Honda Spark Plug Wires

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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In the new "global" economy, locating Honda spark plug wires at any hour of the day or night is perfectly feasible. Provided you know enough about your car--namely its engine and ignition system specs--you can shop online for Honda wires that fit your Accord, your Prelude, or whatever other Honda model you drive. Better still, you can even replace your old Honda wires yourself without too much difficulty.

While spark plugs themselves are fairly simple devices (they ignite the air-fuel mixture in your car's cylinders), combustion engines on the whole are rather sophisticated. So, while you may think a straight-up spark plug wire repair is easy, you have to pay attention to how your new wires affect other parts such as your distributor and your combustion chamber.

Changing Your Honda Spark Plug Wires

First, a word of caution: if you've never looked under the hood of your Honda (or any car, for that matter), do yourself a favor and hire a trustworthy and able mechanic. Otherwise, disconnect your Honda's plug wires from the spark plugs themselves, then pull the other end of the wire from its attachment to your distributor cap. You're now ready to substitute your new wire, which should be easily identifiable--simply look for the number that corresponds to that of the wire you've just removed.

You may find some models of Honda in which your spark plug wires are soldered to your distributor cap. If that's the case, do not attempt to remove the wire and keep the cap. Instead, replace the two together. If it turns out that all but one of the wires are healthy, don't despair--you can purchase single wires just as easily as universal sets.

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