Ht 383

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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If towing and hauling are your primary concerns, you'll be well served by your HT 383. With its 435 foot-pounds of torque at 4000 RPM, the 383 is designed for lugging cargo and off-roading. Even at 2500 RPM, the 383 still serves up over 400 foot-pounds, which is handy if you're scaling rock piles and sand dunes.

Yet you don't need a truck or SUV to sport an HT 383. In fact, if you're driving a road car (as opposed to a truck or off-road vehicle), the 383 is ideally suited to pre-1977 carburated models. But go ahead and plunk one into your truck, and this small block will stand its ground against many of its big block competitors.

The Value of an HT 383

The value of your 383 is the peak power it delivers in its small block stature. Anyone can go out and find a deluxe Ram Jet to cough up close to 1000 horsepower, but where's the fun in that? In the small block crate engine market, the HT 383 straddles the line between economy and muscle, making it a popular choice among street racers, car show junkies, and just plain old collectors.

If you do decide to stick with the HT line but want a big block engine instead, the 502 offers a similar design but at a higher price. For that extra money, however, you get an engine that's tailored for tough towing jobs. Be advised that you may need to supplement your purchase of an HT 502 with peripherals such as an intake manifold, carburetor, and other additional parts.

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