Industrial Lubricants

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Industrial lubricants are essential to maintain the high performance and low maintenance costs of your mechanical system. These systems can range from automotive to metal-working and other industrial systems. No matter what the particular system, the basic principle is the same: moving, mechanical parts need to operate smoothly.

This is where the many different kinds of industrial lubricants come in. These include synthetic motor oil, hydraulic oils, compressor oils, and air tool oils. Other lubricants include vacuum pump oil, cutting fluids, synthetic gear lube, synthetic grease and industrial gear lubricants.

Industrial Lubricants in the Forefront of Chemical Technology

Industry never stops trying to improve on available technology. Today, in the effort to create the best synthetic motor oil, the field is more fast-paced and competitive than ever. A whole field of "additive technology" has sprung up to create oils that deliver superior performance with long-lasting performance and minimal impact to the environment.

Additive technology employs complex chemical research and development to create the most perfect industrial lubricants possible. Molecular uniformity for greater system performance used to be the chief goal, but now the focus has expanded. Today, lubricants must also satisfy demands for lower oxidation and maintenance, longer life, and greater environmental friendliness.

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