Land Rover Catalytic Converters

Written by Charles Peacock
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Land Rover owners are well aware of how expensive it can be to fix their trucks. Since most Land Rover parts have to be imported (and since there aren't many shops that are willing or knowledgeable enough to work on British cars), simple repairs can get ridiculously expensive. If you need to replace the catalytic converter on your Land Rover, the good news is that you can save money by taking care of the problem yourself.

Generic versus OEM Land Rover Parts

Any Land Rover dealer or mechanic will probably tell you to use only original OEM parts when repairing your Land Rover. To some degree their advice is good advice--a lot of inferior parts are out there that can reduce the performance of your truck. Using aftermarket parts also means you could risk voiding your automobile's warranty.

This does not mean that you always have to use OEM parts for your Land Rover. Some parts like spark plugs, light bulbs, wiper blades and exhaust systems can be purchased from aftermarket companies and will work fine with your Land Rover, as long as they fit. Catalytic converters are also an example of a part that will work fine whether it's made by Land Rover or another company.

Since Land Rover catalytic converters are actually a bit difficult to find (unless you go through a dealer, who will charge you a hefty sum for one), using an aftermarket converter can also make the process of getting the part a lot easier. Several manufacturers make converters of all shapes and sizes that can fit on any automobile. The important thing is to find the right dimensions so that the converter can be easily mounted to your car.

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