Led Underbody Kits

Written by Michael Federico
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LED underbody kits have begun to replace neon kits all over the United States. Those who want their cars to glow bright in the night are beginning to realize that LED kits offer more options and they are more effective than their predecessors. As LED tubes become more popular, the price difference is narrowing, as well.

Most LED kits shine in a way that neon never could. Some systems are powered by over 160 digitally controlled LEDs. The light is close to three times as bright as that produced by a neon tube, and LED systems can easily be found in single or multiple color styles. There are some kits that allow a driver to choose from seven different shades that can be changed at the touch of a button.

Bonus Features of LED Underbody Kits

One of the things that truly sets LED kits apart from the old neon tubes are the options that come along with them. Most neon kits are either solid, or they can flicker. LED kits produce light that can go through a fade cycle, scan, or strobe. There are even kits that can be set to pulse to the sound of the bass kicking from the car stereo.

Some LED kits are designed only to fit certain types of cars. However, there are products that can be applied to 15 or even 20 different vehicles. Any distributor that sells kits should be able to help a person find the product that works for him. He should also be able to walk a buyer through all of the features of a particular LED system.

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