Magnaflow Exhaust

Written by Charles Peacock
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MagnaFlow is one of the most popular brands for aftermarket performance systems. A subsidiary of Car Sound Exhaust System, Ltd. (which itself produces performance catalytic converters and exhaust systems), MagnaFlow is the choice of automotive enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you're a professional racer or simply a person looking to upgrade your car or truck, MagnaFlow has the products you're looking for.

How MagnaFlow Products Are Made

MagnaFlow develops all of their products at a 30,000 square foot research and development facility. This facility features a CAD design department, a prototype department and a several testing departments. Each new MagnaFlow product is tested thoroughly and completely before it is released for mass production.

Both Car Sound and MagnaFlow produce their products at a 150,000 square foot production and storage facility. Using the latest automated assembly methods, they are able to quickly produce a consistent level of high-quality products. Their production methods allow them to bring high performance products to market as cheaply as possible, passing the savings on to the customer. For this reason, MagnaFlow products are some of the best and most affordable on the market.

MagnaFlow currently offers a wide range of products for muscle cars, sport compact cars, SUVs and diesel trucks. They have mufflers, catalytic converters as well as full aftermarket exhaust systems for virtually any type of car or truck. MagnaFlow is a trusted name in aftermarket performance, and you will understand why if you try their products.

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