Mercedes Mufflers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Anyone who drives a Mercedes knows what it's like to be a part of the world's most exclusive car club. Mercedes has long been known as one of the top automotive brands, and for good reason. Their dedication to quality, comfort and performance has been largely unparalleled over the last 50 years. But if you're looking to upgrade your Mercedes even more, what can you do to it?

Aftermarket Mercedes Mufflers

Adding a high performance muffler is a simple and yet highly effective performance upgrade for any car, whether it's a sports car or an SUV. This wasn't always the case, however. Only a few years ago it was difficult to find reasonably priced high performance equipment for any car unless you were in the racing market.

In the last 15 years, high performance equipment has migrated from racing circles down to street racers and finally to regular people who just want to soup up their cars. The most common types of high performance upgrades are suspension upgrades and exhaust upgrades, although the latter is the only one that will really affect your engine's output and performance. Upgrading a Mercedes exhaust system is surprisingly affordable, and you can even do all the work yourself.

If you'd like to upgrade your Mercedes' exhaust system, look for a complete "cat-back" system. This will give you all the pipes and the muffler--basically everything from the catalytic converter to the back of the car. This will ensure that you're upgrading your car without interfering with the emissions control systems.

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