Nissan Radiators

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Nissan radiators fit in everything from Frontier pickups and Xterras on down to Altimas, Sentras, and Stanzas. Nissan owners can purchase radiator cooling tanks for as low as 10 or 15 dollars, but can expect to spend upwards of 300 dollars for certain Nissan model radiators. The Pathfinder's radiator, for example, is commonly listed at over 350 bucks, and that's a discounted rate.

Some do-it-yourself types attempt to repair their own radiators and save money on labor. This can be a smart move for those with the requisite mechanical abilities but perilous for anyone else. Those who have trouble simply filling their Nissans with gas are better off turning installation or repair over to a dealership or body shop, as radiators aren't as simple to fit as are, say, air filters.

Removing Nissan Radiators

Those who insist on handling their own installation or uninstallation are advised to follow a few general guidelines. First, be sure the car itself is off and that the battery cables are disconnected in order to avoid shocks or electrical problems. Next, strip the radiator of any attached fittings, casings, or moldings and remove the cap, taking care to avoid contact with the coolant (which may be hot). You are now ready to drain any excess coolant from your hoses into your drip tank.

Before you can lift your Nissan radiator from your car, however, you must be sure to disconnect any transmission lines and take care not to damage them in the process, as they're impossible to repair. Once this is done, all that remains is to detach the overflow basins, starting with their mounting brackets. Finally, lift your Nissan radiator from your car, making sure that all excess fluid has already been purged from its hoses.

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