Nitrous Oxide Systems

Written by Michael Federico
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Many people have only experienced the power of a nitrous oxide system in two places: on the big screen when something fast and quite furious was taking place, or in the dentist’s chair. The use of these systems has caused quite a bit of controversy over the past several years, as there is no real practical purpose for them. They are designed for speed and that is all. They can give a vehicle a boost of acceleration that is unmatched by most other products on the market.

Nitrous Oxide systems (NOS) are not readily available at every corner auto parts store. There are specialty shops throughout the country and there are a number of online distributors that carry them. Power, installation, and overall effectiveness vary from system to system, so there is quite a wide price range, usually fluctuating between $400 and $1500.

Available Nitrous Oxide Systems

The Express Hitman EFI system is one of the most popular Nitrous products out there. It can be found without a bottle, or with a five, ten, or fifteen pound bottle. It is an effective system, and it is relatively inexpensive, ranging between $450 and $650 depending on the size of the bottle and the distributor.

The Express Dual Stage EFI system raises the stakes a bit. These systems allow a driver more flexibility when looking for a boost. One shot doesn’t necessarily mean you’re out in this case. As opposed to single stage systems, the dual stage gives the car a kick to one level and then takes it even higher.

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