Nology Spark Plug Wires

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Nology spark plug wires fit in just about any type of car. The important thing for consumers is to check the plugs' specifications to make sure that they're buying a set that's compatible with their ignition systems. The systems found in older cars are conceptually the same as those in newer cars, but that doesn't mean they function identically.

As engines become more powerful and fuel efficient, higher demands are placed on spark plugs and wires. A split wire or eroded connector can throw off an ignition system's precision timing, leading to misfires, hard starts, and other problems. If you demand the most from your car, especially in tough conditions, you can't afford to be waylaid by faulty spark plug wires.

Keep Your Nology Spark Plug Wires in Tip-Top Shape

The good news about maintaining your Nology wires is that doing so requires very basic care. Keeping connectors free of engine deposits is one proven way to ensure your plugs' longevity. Just be sure that whatever type of cleaner you choose is safe for rubber and vinyl applications.

Another tip for keeping your Nology spark plug wires running smoothly is to take preventive maintenance. If you see that one wire is beginning to fray, have it replaced immediately. Also be sure to replace your wires one at a time and follow your owner's manual closely. Some setups require deliberately crossed wires to minimize magnetic field generation, while others are best left in "parallel" arrangements.

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