Oil Analysis

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Oil analysis is crucial for maintaining your vehicle in top working condition. Many factors--far too many to mention here--can cause problems that can harm your engine. Regular analysis of your oil helps keep you informed of the condition of the oil, and therefore, by extension, the engine.

Of course, every mechanical system accumulates contaminants and experiences wear and tear. However, not every system has the same rate of contamination or deterioration. A machine with an undiagnosed performance problem will naturally experience more contamination or wear and tear than a regularly-maintained one. This is why it's so important to maintain regular oil analysis - or "trend analysis".

Oil Analysis as a Trend

Trend analysis is like an internal exam of your engine. You get to see exactly what the problems are as they're developing. Then you can nip them in the bud before they become unmanageable or even cause catastrophic damage to your equipment.

Trend analysis takes samples of your oil and analyzes it at regularly-scheduled intervals in order to determine developing tendencies in the engine, or "trends". In other words, it tells you when a problem is developing, so you can solve it before it develops into something much worse. Whether you're sampling synthetic motor oil or hydraulic fluid, oil analysis can also give you a good idea of the life and overall condition of your equipment.

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