Oil Coolers

Written by Michael Federico
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Vehicles that are driven hard on a regular basis require more care and attention than the average automobile. Cars that race, trucks that haul, or even SUVs that head out to the hills for some off-roading undergo a large amount of stress. This affects every component of the vehicle, both internal and external, but in most cases, the engine is impacted most of all.

When a driver pushes his machine to the limits, temperatures in the engine rise. This can cause overheating in the short term, but the greater damage will be done over an extended period of time. The engine's performance will suffer, and ultimately it's lifespan will be greatly reduced. High temperatures can be countered with several different accessories, but oil coolers are some of the most effective on the market.

Are Factory Oil Coolers Sufficient

People who only drive their cars in normal traffic and at average speeds on a regular basis will not find much use from a specialty oil cooler. The one that the factory provides will probably do the trick. However, for those who seek optimum performance from their cars, a factory cooler can be detrimental.

Most factory oil coolers, because of their size and placement, actually take a toll on the car's cooling system. Also, they do not truly lower oil temperature enough to where it would make a difference for a car that is going non-stop under strenuous circumstances. However, a performance cooler will increase oil capacity and lower temperatures drastically, which will make the oil and the engine last longer.

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