Oil Filter Comparison

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Oil filter comparison is important if you want to really understand the huge variations in quality among automotive oil filters on the market. Filters can differ in many ways--from the material they're made from, to how they were designed, to the technical know-how of their manufacturers. Knowing what's out there can help you make an informed decision as to which kind of oil filter you should purchase for your vehicle.

Oil filter comparison will prove that some filters on the market are made from better materials than others. Filtration media have been developed that blend glass, cellulose, and synthetics to create a heavy-duty filtering material. This filtering material has been perfected over time to offer superior filtration of oil impurities than conventional filters.

The Benefits of Oil Filter Comparison

Oil filter design can also be compared. Some filters are designed conventionally, like every other filter. Others reflect innovations in engineering that create a better flow of oil and thus a better filter efficiency. All in all, better design and materials means a longer filter performance life.

It also means cleaner, longer-lasting synthetic motor oil, which means longer drain intervals and fewer engine problems. This, in turn, not only means better overall performance of your vehicle, but money saved. An accurate oil filter comparison gives you knowledge you need to make the best purchasing decisions for your vehicle.

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Oil filter

Europafilter won "The Scandinavian First Maintenance Service Award 2004". This prize is awarded by Scandinavian manufacturing industry for the most economical and most popular maintenance measure among customers.

Industrial "Oscar"
The industrial "Oscars" are awarded each year at the Maintenance Fair in Gothenburg. The main speaker and prize host this year was Leif Östling, CEO, Scania. The prize helps motivate manufacturers and maintenance
customers to specify the benefits of maintenance in financial terms. The prize is awarded in alternate years
and among previous winners is SKF.

Jury's verdict:
Europafilter has developed a new principle of oil cleaner technology. The product's seemingly simple, patentprotected
technical solution has demonstrated an extremely long lifecycle and broad field of application. The method provides an effective means to postpone oil change intervals, thus reducing the burden on the environment as well as breakdown incidence. Its great flexibility, combined with an interesting technical solution that displays excellent qualities, make Europafilter an interesting player for optimisation of lifecycle costs.
The patented oilfilter has unique abilities to remove particles, water, natriumchloride, and varnish. All the filterunits from Europafilter has a efficient particle removal ability to 0.1 micron. Europafilter is used to maintain the properties of lubricants, hydraulic oils while fullflow filters provide component protection.

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