Oil Filters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Oil filters remove impurities from your engine's oil supply. This makes it easier for the oil to do its job, which is to perfectly lubricate the moving parts of your engine.

When motor oil gets gunked-up with dirt and other impurities, it seriously reduces your engine's efficiency. Not only does your engine waste more gas, but it increases the wear-and-tear on its parts. If your oil is chronically dirty, you seriously reduce the life of your engine.

Differences in Oil Filters

Not all oil filters are created equal. Sure, some are less expensive than others, but that may be because they're made from cheaper materials. When it comes to car parts, the old adage, "you get what you pay for", may be truer than anywhere else.

Just as synthetic motor oil performs better than cheaper, conventional motor oil, super duty filters do a better job of filtering impurities from your oil supply. Don't shop for oil filters just by looking for the cheapest price. It's okay to look for good deals, but above all, keep capacity, efficiency, and the life of service in mind.

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