Pacesetter Exhaust

Written by Charles Peacock
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PaceSetter is a company based in Arizona that produces a line of high-performance engine parts. PaceSetter focuses mainly on your car or truck's exhaust system, and provides enhancement products that can be added to or that can replace your existing system. Let's take a look at the different types of exhaust products offered by PaceSetter.

PaceSetter High-Performance Products

PaceSetter's most popular products are their line of high-performance Monza exhaust systems. Monza exhaust systems are intended to replace your existing stock exhaust. They provide enhanced flow through the use of larger pipes, mufflers and tips. This allows exhaust to escape more quickly from your engine, which leads to increased performance.

Installing a PaceSetter exhaust system is basically as simple as removing your stock exhaust and bolting in the new Monza system. PaceSetter makes customized exhaust systems for all different types of cars, so they're designed to fit perfectly into your stock configuration. In most cases, your PaceSetter exhaust can be placed directly at the end of the catalytic converter.

PaceSetter also offers a series of headers that are mounted directly into your engine. Performance headers are designed to solve the problem of back pressure in your exhaust system. Since most cars only have a single manifold to remove the exhaust from all four, six or eight cylinders, back pressure can build up quickly and reduce the engine's performance. PaceSetter headers basically provide a manifold for each individual cylinder, allowing exhaust to escape more rapidly.

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