Performance Parts

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Performance parts make the difference between the average car on the street and the precision driving machine owned by a proud automobile enthusiast. All cars feature an internal combustion engine, four wheels and a frame, but the endless variations that can be achieved by customization with performance auto parts verges on staggering. Sleek and stylish cars capable of amazing speed and handling can be created with the judicious application of performance parts.

Some parts are added to cars as decorative accessories, for little more than show. These aesthetic parts can be just as important as more utilitarian accessories when it comes to creating an identity for the car and its driver. Among hard core auto fans, Halo rims and Altezza lights define a car as much as what is under the hood--if not more so.

Performance Parts That Perform

Customizing and upgrading is often done to vehicles that most people think of as rather boring: Honda Civics, Nissan Sentras, etc. It is precisely the ubiquity and affordability of these cars that makes them such excellent candidates for modification. The size of the market allows parts manufacturers to sink considerable monies into research and development, secure in the knowledge that once they come up with the perfect parts, there will be no end of customers.

The interior of a car is just as eligible for transformation as the body or innards. Short shifters and reverse gauges can change the way your car looks as well as handles. Despite the temptation to apply the flashier and more expensive changes to the exterior of your car, take care to remember on which side of the doors you spend the majority of your time.

Racing seats are performance parts for the interior that add comfort as well as performance. They illustrate that the two values need not be seen as mutually exclusive when considering how to modify your car. A vehicle performs better when its driver is relaxed and comfortable. Spend the energy and money necessary to make sure your car is a place where you enjoy spending time.

Affordable Performance Parts

Car customization need not be a hobby for the rich and independently wealthy, as plenty of bargains are to be found by savvy shoppers. It is important to resist impulse buys at every turn if you intend to see your car reach its maximum potential without going into bankruptcy. Careful planning and research can help make it look as if you spent a fortune on your car, when in fact you did nothing of the sort.

Performance parts can be bought on a budget if you know where to look. Don't be afraid to tap the stores of knowledge dwelling in those who have gone before you. Seek out other enthusiasts in the physical world as well as on the Internet and benefit from the mistakes that they made. Wise shopping requires putting yourself out there and making an effort.

Your bookstore's magazine rack is a treasure trove of knowledge about performance parts as well. There are dozens of great magazines designed with the custom car hobbyist in mind. The Internet has greater resources still, with tons of great sites that offer tips, tricks and important recommendations. Take advantage of the wealth of information at your fingertips and hunt out the best deals before taking the plunge into the exciting world of performance parts.

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