Performance Rotors

Written by Michael Federico
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Performance rotors are generally parts of complex performance braking systems. The best rotors have the ability to reduce gas build up and, in essence, wipe the brake pads clean. This improves the response time between the pads and rotors, and it reduces problems like hydroplaning and skidding.

Performance rotors also cool faster than typical rotors. This will keep these parts from warping, and allow them to last longer. It is important for serious drivers to have serious rotors. The pressure and strain applied to all areas of a brakes system when high speeds have been reached is incredible. One race is far more abusive to the brakes than a series of drives at normal speeds with traditional turning and cornering.

Performance Brake Systems

Along with rotors, a driver can find brake pads that will make it easier for him to stop on a dime. Ceramic disc pads utilize the very latest in automotive technology. They are made to deal with high heat and other elements that the average race car might encounter on a regular basis. They make stops smoother, because they require far less pedal pressure than most metallic pads.

There are rotors that are on the same cutting edge as the ceramic discs. Diamond cut performance rotors do everything standard performance rotors do. However, they usually do it in a shorter period of time. Diamond rotors can be found for a number of sport compact cars. They are not as common as the traditional rotor, but it is possible to track them down through specialty distributors.

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