Racing Engine Oil

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Racing engine oil must fulfill many functions at once, or your engine can suffer catastrophic damage. This is why you must be sure that you're using the best products on the market. Your engine works hard for you. Make sure you're taking the best possible care of it to avoid nervewracking problems later on down the road.

You should never skimp on quality when it comes to maintenance products for your racing vehicle. Not only the vehicle, but your life is at stake. Racing oil is no exception to this rule. Go with a reputable dealer known throughout the business. The best companies have spent decades researching and perfecting technologies to create the most perfect synthetic motor oils available.

What Makes A Great Racing Engine Oil?

A great racing engine oil will, above all, provide great protection to the parts of your engine, even in the most extreme conditions. Racing subjects your engine to extremely high speeds and temperatures. A great racing oil will reduce not only engine temperatures, but friction as well.

High engine temperatures tend to have a "boil-off" or vaporization effect on ordinary engine oils, which hurts fuel efficiency and causes greater emissions and engine deterioration. A great racing engine oil will resist vaporization, keep its viscosity, and continue to circulate freely. It will also resist corrosion and deposit buildup inside the engine.

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