Racing Oil Filter

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Racing oil filters are a small but important investment you'll make for your racing vehicle. Oil filters and air filters are things that are so easy to forget about, yet so crucial to the life and performance of your engine. Even though they're small in size, they're certainly not small in importance. The quality and condition of your oil filters can determine how well your engine will perform, so make sure to invest in the best!

Racing filters have special demands on them that regular oil filters don't. Because they're subjected to much more stress than filters in normal engines, they have to work extra hard. This means they have to be made of the best-quality materials, and be the product of great engineering.

Special Demands on Racing Oil Filters

Of course, racing oil filters must be able to filter dirt from your oil supply to keep the engine free of contaminants that decrease its efficiency and wear it down. The best racing oil filters are made from a combination of media--for example, synthetics, glass, and cellulose--rather than plain paper, which doesn't trap dirt as effectively. This is another example in which it's better to invest in quality materials that will last longer and work harder for you than cheap materials that have to be replaced more often, and may even disappoint you.

Your oil filters must also help your vehicle maintain consistent oil pressure at all RPMs. Another important feature is full-flow design, which enables extended drain intervals. Extended drain intervals are important because the longer your oil works for you, the less time and money you'll waste on draining and replacing it. It's also much easier on the environment.

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