Short Shifters

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Short shifters allow you to shift gears faster and more efficiently, with far fewer incorrect and grinded gears. By reducing the space between gears by as much as half, you are increasing the speed and control you have over this essential function. By enabling you to shift more accurately, short shifters increase the precision control you have over your vehicle.

Changing to a quick shift system usually takes some adjustment. The best advice is to install the parts over the weekend to allow plenty of practice time before hitting the Monday morning commute. Never drive in heavy or fast traffic with new accessories with which you are not totally comfortable.

Short Shifters Are Quick Shifters

Price and installation time are both refreshingly low for these performance auto parts, so they won't eat up your weekend or your wallet. The biggest consideration when contemplating the purchase of these items is whether or not you really need it. Are your driving needs such that precision shifting will greatly enhance your driving experience?

Unfortunately, as with many other auto accessories, illegal street racers have given short shifters something of a reputation. Parents may want to exercise caution before allowing their kids to upgrade their vehicles with these accessories. For responsible and accomplished adult drivers, however, these may be just what the driving doctor ordered, offering a fast, yet nuanced, approach to shifting gears with minimal effort.

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