Strut Bars

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Strut bars serve as a brace between the two shock towers, improving the rigidity of your chassis, which creates optimum handling. Suspension should never be neglected when looking to improve handling on your high performance car, and a good set of strut bars are an attractive and affordable way to achieve maximum results.

Too often car enthusiasts trick out only the most visible aspects of their rides, giving short shrift to what's beneath the hood or just above the ground. If all you are looking to do is impress girls with Halo rims and Altezza lights, perhaps there is some wisdom, or at least economy, to this theory.

Get Unreal Handling with Strut Bars

But if you are actually concerned with how your car performs, then you know the truly indispensable accessories are usually not the flashier items. Invest in a performance muffler and short shifters before you start worrying about reverse gauges. Having your priorities straight will build the return on your investment in the long run.

Shop wisely for strut bars, as with all performance auto parts. The Internet is an awesome tool for finding great parts at great prices, so take some time and hunt out the best deals. Find out which retailers are recommended by sites and sources whom you trust, and always read the fine print before buying anything.

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