Strut Tower Braces

Written by Michael Federico
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Most people probably list speed as the most important thing a car can have when entering a race. If the car isn’t fast, it simply won’t win. In most cases, this is true. However, a vehicle with slightly lower top speeds than its competitors can overcome a lot if it handles better than all the rest.

Strut tower braces are designed to bolster strength and rigidity in the chassis. This will reduce body flex, which is responsible for many of the handling problems that a car might experience. Not all braces accomplish this in the same way, but there are several that have proven to be effective in professional racing, so they are definitely built for speed and durability.

Styles of Strut Tower Braces

Almost every major performance auto parts manufacturer has a line of tower braces. Some focus on installation, while others benefit more from their design. For instance, there are sets of braces that truly secure the chassis by tying the upper suspension at the shock towers. However, there are others that are not as effective in installation, but they are made of a lightweight titanium. This means that the accessory will not slow the car down before it helps speed the car up.

There are some strut braces that will greatly increase a car’s braking ability, as well. Many of these have a double or triple tube design. They are generally very flexible, and can be used with a variety of vehicles, and they can regularly be found side-by-side with billet and crossbar designed strut braces.

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