Subaru Catalytic Converters

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you're looking for a new catalytic converter for your Subaru car or truck, you've probably failed smog or emissions test. If your state doesn't require emissions testing, perhaps you've noticed that your engine is running a bit sluggishly. A faulty catalytic converter in your Subaru can certainly be a cause for this kind of problem.

Finding the Right Subaru Catalytic Converter

Subaru doesn't have as many models as some other car manufacturers, so finding the right catalytic converter for your model shouldn't be too difficult. If you're looking for catalytic converters online, simply browse according to the model and the year of your car. You might also find that catalytic converters are sub-divided depending on which engine you have: four cylinders, six cylinders or turbo.

Most newer Subarus are designed with two catalytic converters: one in the front and one in the rear. This is different from many cars that only require a single catalytic converter. If you have failed an emissions test, it's probably a good idea to first figure out if one or both of your catalytic converters are causing the problem. Do a physical inspection and see if you notice any damage to the front or rear converter.

If you don't see any damage, it might be difficult to tell which converter is having problems. Without physical damage, however, the likelihood is that your problems are being caused by a poor combustion mixture in your engine. In this case, it's likely that both converters have suffered as a result and both need to be replaced.

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