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Souping up your Subaru with quality, racetrack ready parts is a great way to improve road performance. Whether you're looking for a new headlight assembly to highlight and streamline your car's facade or for an STI engine upgrade to give your car that extra kick, you can find parts to meet your needs. So what are some of the more potent Subaru racing parts?

Advanced brake pads, like the ones made by Carbotech, allow you to grip the road tightly, even when you're in the midst of endurance driving. Quality Subaru brake pads--such as Bobcat Carbotech pads--are also perfect for street use. Bobcat brakes contain a compound that maintains a steady coefficient of friction as long as you stay within a designated temperature range. You can take Bobcat pads up to 900° Fahrenheit without degradation in quality.

Quality Discount Subaru Parts to Make Your Vehicle Run Better

In terms of Subaru taillights, you might want to try out the IPCW and APC headlights. IPCW and APC manufacture a number of exciting bulb types, beam patterns, and reflectors. You can experiment with various configurations of front and rear lighting. If you live in a fog-prone area where you need powerful night vision for your Subaru, you can upgrade to Plasma Beam fog lights.

Another great touch to consider is high-quality Berber floor mats for your Subaru. These carpets feature all yarn construction, border trim, and rubber matted soles. You can find Berber floor carpets in a range of colors and styles, from black to beige to gray. Some even come with heeled pads near the accelerator pedal to accommodate for the wear and tear of heavy use.

Turbocharging Your Subaru Engine

Although Subarus come equipped with highly functional and durable parts, many owners have complained about their windshields. Indeed, one online poster claimed than he had to change his Subaru wiper blades five times within the first year of use. To supplement your winter weather protection, you might upgrade to more powerful and durable Subaru wiper blades.

In terms of engines, consider turbocharging your Subaru. Not only do turbo engines deliver more horsepower and faster acceleration, but they also assist with achieving better gas mileage. When you compare the turbocharged Subaru STI with its standard counterpart, for instance, the turbo beats the standard engine by two mpg for both city and highway driving.

Finishing Off with an Exterior Upgrade

After you've souped up your interior--including your brake pads, exhaust system, struts, CV joints, pumps, and radiator--you might want to look into aesthetic upgrades for your exterior. Subaru rims, such as the stylish components produced by ProDrive, wear well and add style to your vehicle. CD and radio player upgrades are also available, and you can equip your onboard radio with satellite capacity.

While you may need a mechanic's assistance to install many of these parts, you don't have to pay top dollar to accessorize your Subaru. Indeed, plenty of online merchants carry Subaru parts at a discount. Since they don't have to pay for retail advertising costs and maintenance, they can sell parts to you at or near wholesale prices.

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