Subaru Radiators

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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One way to save money on Subaru radiators without skimping on quality is to purchase them from online dealers, then contract a repair specialist to handle your installation. A lot of online parts dealers even have partnerships with mechanics who will travel to you to make the proper connections and attachments, provided you already have the radiator in stock. This often represents the best value for Subaru owners reluctant to start pulling apart the guts of their engines.

One thing to be mindful of when probing the Web for new or used radiators is compatibility. Subaru makes Turbo models that will not accommodate a non-Turbo radiator, a fact that too many owners learn after it's already too late. It's also worth insisting that your supplier furnish you with the same lifetime warranty that he or she received when picking up the part. That's your best insurance policy.

Types of Subaru Radiators

Subaru owners can track down radiators for their Outbacks, Legacys, Bajas, Foresters, Imprezas, and more. Parts are available whether models feature S-, B-, or G-style chassis and four-, six-, or eight-cylinder engines. Some Subaru radiators are designed for use in specific model-year cars and trucks as well, so speak with your dealer before you agree to that "great" deal you've supposedly found.

A lot of online sellers will agree to sell you Subaru radiators with extras such as fans, belts, pumps, and transmission tanks. Typically, you'll have more latitude to negotiate with private party sellers than with aftermarket parts retailers, though there are exceptions. In a hotly competitive OEM market, some merchants are willing to offer valuable price breaks on "all-in-one" deals that grant you the luxury of one-stop shopping.

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