Suspension Lowering Kits

Written by Michael Federico
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The importance of a driver’s stability during a race cannot be underestimated. If a driver is constantly rolling, or if his feet are coming off the floor, his performance will suffer. His reaction time will be slower, and there is a better chance that he will simply lose control of the car and the race will get away from him. This does not even take into account the fact that increased movement heightens the chance for injury.

Lowering the suspension on a vehicle can stabilize it, allowing it to handle better. To achieve this lower position, many people simply go with adjustable coilovers. However, a comprehensive suspension lowering kit will accomplish more.

The Benefits of Sway Bars

Most suspension lowering kits make use of sway bars. Often, the best bars are those that have a longer diameter. They will enhance a car’s cornering ability more, and they will minimize body movement in turns. When a driver is looking at ways to get an edge over his competition, this would definitely fit the bill. There are sway bars that are constructed of steel, and coated with a finish that is meant to compliment the look of the car. While this is not a necessity, the finish usually improves the durability of the bar, as well.

There are generally two types of suspension kits. First, there are combo kits that lower both the front and the back of the car. Then, there are kits that only lower one portion. Separates kits are often employed in show cars, because they can create a look that is truly unique.

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