Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Synthetic diesel motor oil is used in commercial mechanical equipment. Trucks, farming, construction and mining equipment all use diesel fuel. These types of machines cannot run on regular synthetic motor oil and require industrial lubricants specialized for diesel fuel.

A good synthetic diesel motor oil should fulfill several functions. For one, it should reduce the engine's overall oil consumption. It should also significantly reduce wear and tear such as ring wear and breakage, cylinder liner wear and bore polishing, and piston deposits.

What Makes Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil Special?

Another sign of a good diesel oil is extended drain intervals, which reduce a vehicle's "down time". Also, with longer drain intervals, the costs of disposing the waste oil are reduced. This not only results in savings for you, but gives the environment a break, too.

Synthetic diesel motor oil is produced from a chemical process, so its molecular structure is perfect and uniform. This kind of oil can better resist oxidation and thermal breakdown, which means it won't turn to sludge and corrode your engine. It maintains its viscosity, reducing engine wear and maximizing performance.

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