Synthetic Gear Lube

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Synthetic gear lube is an industrial lubricant. Like synthetic motor oil, its purpose is to improve your fuel economy while lubricating and protecting your machinery. There are different types of synthetically-produced gear lubes to suit different types of vehicles and equipment.

There are gear lubes for passenger cars and trucks. Industrial-grade gear lubes are manufactured for heavy-stress, commercial machinery. Racing gear lubes are made to withstand the extreme friction, heat, and engine stress typical to high-performance and racing vehicles.

Other Types of Synthetic Gear Lube

Cold weather gear lube ensures gear protection and easy shifting in the coldest temperatures. Marine gear lube is specially designed for use in boats and other marine equipment. There's even a synthetic gear lube for the enclosed chains of snowmobiles.

No matter what the specific type, all synthetic gear lubes should keep machinery well-lubricated and running smoothly. They should provide heat and friction control as well as fuel economy. They should be able to perform well under extreme pressures and high or low temperatures. Finally, they should contain special substances to protect your equipment against corrosion, oxidation, and deposit buildup.

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